Tess advocates that her clients only engage consultants where and as required, and in any engagement she focuses on skills transfer to internal resources to develop internal capability and therefore sustainable practices rather than a one off event or consultant dependency.  Further, Tess’ experience in this field recognises that, no two organisation’s workforce situations are the same - each issue is experienced differently by different organisations, thus Workforce Planning and Analysis requires a tailored approach to factor in the organisation’s DNA.  Tess’ approach ensures that the Workforce Planning framework is designed to suit her client’s needs according to their culture, resource capacity and capability, timings, budget, data availability and project sponsorship.  




Tess runs public and in-house programs, tailored to specific audiences and needs.  Popular offerings include:

People Analytics for Talent Acquisition Professionals -  2 x 2 hour sessions - $450 (+GST)

People Analytics for HR Business Partners Professionals -  2 x 2 hour sessions - $450 (+GST)

Building a Workforce Plan  -  2 hour sessions over 6 weeks plus individual coaching .   Each week, we build a part of the Workforce Plan.   

Email Tess if interested in any of these development opportunities and she can provide you the dates. 

While there are some fundamentals to any Strategic Workforce Planning Journey, each organisation should look to leverage the foundations and develop a toolkit that best fits their real world.

Whether consulting or training, Tess leverages and shares the toolkit she has built over the time she has been in this space.

Let's face it, there is no expert out there about the future, there are no best practices or benchmarks for the Future of Work, just interpretations. These events are for talented people to make new connections and share their thoughts, experiences, ideas, and visions for the Future of Work. Email Tess if interested in finding out more.